What's a SMETA audit?

What's a SMETA audit?

What is a SMETA Audit?

Have you ever heard of SMETA? It stands for Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit. SMETA audits are comprehensive assessments that evaluate the ethical practices of businesses and their suppliers. They cover a wide range of criteria, including labor standards, health and safety, environmental practices, and business integrity. By conducting these audits, we ensure that the cotton mills we work with align with our commitment to ethical and responsible sourcing.

The Importance of Ethical Trade

Ethical trade is at the core of our values as a clothing brand. We believe in creating fashionable pieces that make you look good and feel good, both inside and out. Ethical trade ensures fair treatment of workers, promotes safe and healthy working conditions, combats child and forced labor, and supports environmental sustainability. SMETA audits help us guarantee that our cotton mill partners share these values and meet international standards.

What Happens During a SMETA Audit?

During a SMETA audit, independent auditors visit our cotton mill partners to evaluate their practices. They review documents, interview workers, and conduct on-site inspections. It's like a thorough check-up for our supply chain! The auditors assess various factors such as working hours, wages, health and safety measures, employee rights, environmental impact, and more. These assessments help us identify areas for improvement and ensure compliance with local laws and international standards.

Transparency and Accountability

SMETA audits bring transparency and accountability to our supply chain. By undergoing these audits, we demonstrate our commitment to ethical fashion and responsible sourcing. It allows us to be open and honest about our practices, giving you peace of mind when you choose our brand. We believe that transparency is key to building trust and fostering a positive impact within the fashion industry. 

Making a Difference with Your Choices

As customers, your choices have the power to shape the industry. By supporting brands that prioritize ethical trade, like ours, you become part of the movement towards a more sustainable and fair fashion future. SMETA audits provide you with the assurance that our cotton mill partners uphold the same values that you do. Together, we can create a positive impact and promote a fashion industry that values people, the planet, and beautiful style! Remember, when you choose our brand, you're not just buying clothes — you're supporting a movement towards a better, more sustainable future. Thank you for joining us on this journey of ethical fashion and embracing the power of your choices!

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